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Into the Hills

I'm a great believer in the power of new environments bringing new perspectives and insights. This is why I regularly hold coaching sessions and workshops in the great outdoors in the Surrey Hills - a short 40 minute journey from London. 

(All the beautiful outdoor imagery here comes from these sessions).

Outdoors: Projects

Individual Orientation Walks


If you want a one-to-one immersive coaching session I can help. If you're within easy reach of Surrey and the North Downs we can even embark on a two-hour, half or full day walk through the hills and woodlands where together we can reframe, explore and plan ahead within an  Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Whatever the format (and weather), you'll gain new perspectives and emerge reinvigorated.

Team Workshops


If you're interested in a team away-day we can tailor the content to your needs. Our team workshops in the Surrey Hills can even include walks to a remote gin distillery, a vinyard and even a mirco brewery - all  with food provided. 

There's considerable shared benefit when team members have the opportunity to listen to others, and in turn share what’s important to them. The positive impact on team dynamic, communication and cohesion is dramatic and we've a number of testimonials. All of our workshops are available to teams - both remotely, indoors and outdoors. 


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