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You’re so much more than a job title. Our introduction to personal branding explores what’s really important to you and encourages you to think afresh about who you are, what you bring and present yourself in a way that resonates. The XYZ factor workshop will take you through the first steps to achieve clarity around your personal brand and includes a personal brand health check, discovery tools and the development of a personal mission statement.

By focusing on your values, how you work and your goals as much as the traditional skills and experiences, we'll introduce an approach that will help you develop an authentic brand narrative. One that will be authentically you and can be refined for whoever your audience.

We've been running this workshop from 2019 and the feedback has been sensational. It's a session that can be tailored to you and your organisation.

For individuals: We run regular 'jump on board' sessions for small groups of individuals and also one-to-one immersive sessions where the attention is all on you.

For Teams: Just as popular is the sessions for businesses and teams where we work with small groups of colleagues. One of the big advantages when taking part as a group of colleagues is that the sessions are designed to encourage each individual to find their voice and start to explore what's important to them. The impact on team cohesion, improved communication, shared values and greater understanding of each other has seen organisations return for these sessions time and again.

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