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I work with organisations of all shapes and sizes on a range of workshops. From encouraging a 'speak up and listen loud culture' to sessions on 'finding your voice' , 'understanding your values and purpose' through to working with leaderships teams on strategy, innovation and creativity.

Working with well established names such as The Guardian and Vogue, startups, SMEs,  central government, local government and NFPs - I bring my passion for progress to your organisation - helping bring your vision to life and ensuring your team reap the benefit. Many of the sessions can be grouped into these main areas:

Branding and Impact for Teams & Leaders

Finding Your Voice and Sharing What's Important

Career Development

Change, Transition and Resilience 

Emotional Intelligence & Culture

Creative  & Innovative Thinking

Brand: Values, Purpose and Impact

I also work on specific briefs from organisations - from workshops to help embed and develop company culture to working to support inclusivity initiatives.

And I can hold any of these sessions as outdoor events. See more here

Workshops: Welcome
Workshops: Services

Open Impact

What would be different if we could open up and share what's important? Open ourselves to hear what’s important to others? And in doing so open up new levels of understanding?

This session for teams is all about expression and understanding. By creating and encouraging both,  the impact and the energy created enhance  not only our own lives but our working culture too..

Ideal for new teams, teams coming back into the office or just need some renewed shared understanding. 

Workshops: Popular options

These give a flavour of workshops that have been running over the last two years.

What Now & What Next?

A workshop for change, for direction and for considering what’s really important.

Always talking about doing something different, something that's more you? Feeling burnt out?

Know that it’s time for a change but need that nudge?

Intimidated by all the options?

You know that there’s more to it than this.

If this is you, then this three hour workshop can help you take those first few steps towards something different.  

Find Your Voice and Share What's Important:

For the quieter voices in the room.

In a world often dominated by the loudest voices in the room this session looks to reset the balance. Covering the importance of a 'speak up culture' and the huge benefits that it brings both business and individuals within a team, it shows the way to embed this within company culture and enjoy the benefits that follow.  There is the option of follow up small group of individual coaching.

Make the Change:

7 Steps for Career Progression

Are you drifting in your current role or have this nagging feeling that you have so much more to offer?

This 7 step session helps you consider your appetite for change, define what's important for you and then take some practical steps to bring it all together in a clear plan of action. 

Resilience Redefined:
Creating balance, capacity & renewal

Redefining resilience beyond just 'bouncing back' this session offers practical advice and exercises around achieving balance, capacity to deal with tough times; and renewal through learning, self awareness and reflection.   

Fresh Perspective:

Creative Innovation Sprint

A full or half day session to immerse and focus on a challenge, kick-start an initiative or look at new ways of working. 

Bringing approaches from strategy, marketing and innovation we'll define the challenge and goal and employ and approach that will bring new perspectives and breakthroughs. 

A Brand Perspective:

Helping define brand, mission and vision

A full or half day session to look at a challenge from a brand perspective. This could be on working a brand for a team, a business, product or service. 

Approaching from a brand perspective we can define mission and vision to embed a clear purpose for all that follows.  

Personal Brand, Impact and Values

Brand You: 

A Foundation in Personal Branding

Our introduction to personal branding, for both teams and individuals, encourages fresh thinking about who you are, what you bring and helps you present yourself in a way that resonates. 

By focusing on your values, how you work and your goals as much as the traditional skills and experiences, we'll introduce an approach that will help you develop an authentic brand narrative. One that will be undoubtedly you and can be refined for any audience.

And So We Start:

Defining your USP for key audiences

Very clear about your values, assets, purpose and goals?

This session focuses on pulling it all together to develop a powerful proposition and USP that works for you. With a tool developed and used to great effect by hundreds of professionals who have been on the workshop already, We’ll show you how to reach new, multiple audiences with a very clear message that can be refined for each.

Own The Narrative:  

Raise your profile where it matters

Building your presence and creating opportunity in key areas.

A bespoke, hands-on session to ensure that your message resonates with the people that matter.

Creating your presence through content strategies and media planning, you'll become established as a voice to be heard in your area of interest.

Workshops: Services

"It was a fantastic session and I can’t believe how much we achieved in two hours! A really powerful and insightful workshop giving us the awareness and focus to concentrate on our personal brand – wonderful."

Nicola Clemson - Oracle

Workshops: Welcome
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